Evolve or Friendships Die

photo by Anne Bequette of STJ Creative Photography I've been thinking a lot about friendships lately. I have a significant number of strong relationships with women I've met over the years and I've found myself examining what makes some stand the test of time while others dissolve. This was brought to the front of my mind again during my retreat in Bali. While I was excited and honored to have so many friends I've known for 13+ years join me, I was also apprehensive. We met living in St. John as bartenders. Some of them acted as big sisters, taking me home when I was too drunk at the bar, helping me navigate through toxic relationships and pointing out patterns of self-destruction. Impostor

The Chaotic Rollercoaster Ride of Self-Healing

photo by Anne Bequette of STJ Creative Photography Yesterday we wrapped up my Yoga Adventure in Bali with The Travel Yogi. Right now I’m sitting on a plane on my way to Phú Quôc, a tiny island off the coast of Vietnam. The retreat flew by but at the same time, it feels like I’ve been here for months, like I’m living a different life that doesn’t belong to me. I’ve always loved to travel. There is freedom in leaving your life behind and living in an alternate universe for awhile. It helps put things into perspective, allows you to recognize the things you’ve been obsessing over don’t really matter. I was given the gift of studying abroad in Paris when I was 20 years old. It was the first time

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