Jaimis believes in living life to the fullest and practicing radical self-love. She’s a mover and a shaker who loves lying in the shorebreak, laughter, sunsets, talking about things that matter, and dancing in a way that makes her feel free.

She is known for her playful approach to teaching and encouraging students to step outside of their comfort zone, tap in to their strengths, and try things they didn’t believe were possible. Her teachings are steeped in Ayurveda, living in balance, learning to trust yourself, and embracing where you are.

At a young age, she found movement as medicine. She ran through the woods, spun around in circles in the grass, wandered the beach searching for seashells, and dove into every body of water she could find. She practiced gymnastics competitively where she was taught discipline and to push her body to extremes, causing her to leave the sport with a debilitating back injury and a misguided idea of perfection at age 12.

She became a poet, a writer and a dreamer; traveling and studying language in depth. Her free spirit drew her to a tiny island in the Caribbean for what was supposed to be six months, but ended up being five years. She spent every day on the water, made cocktails for tourists, hopped from island to island, and stayed up all night dancing on bars, beaches, and in the rain.


She ended up in Austin, Texas where she eventually grew tired of running from herself. Searching for healing, she began to study yoga and herself in depth. She felt a deep-rooted pull to become a yoga teacher, so she quit her job and moved back to her hometown in Virginia for several years before landing in Charlotte, North Carolina, which she now calls home.


Jaimis is a leader in the Charlotte yoga community, an ambassador for lululemon,  the creator of SOLSTICE, co-founder of JamsCity Fund and Dropsound, and a facilitator of yoga teacher trainings and international retreats. She’s studied Prana Vinyasa and Ayurveda extensively with Shiva Rea and Maria Garré, and immersed herself in studying Rocket Yoga with David C. Kyle. She draws continued inspiration from her teachers and considers herself a lifelong student. 


Jaimis combines the ancient teachings of yoga with her personal journey of self-acceptance and self-love. She loves fiercely and believes in standing up for what you believe in, even when your voice shakes and people don’t want to hear what you have to say. She’ll make you laugh and empower you to move intuitively and trust your inner teacher. Her goal is to facilitate a space for you to grow, heal, and trust in who you truly are. 

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