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 Let movement become a meditation and a celebration of radical self-love. Show up exactly as you are, in your PJs or decked out in glitter. This one hour practice will begin with yoga, shift to free-form movement and a dance party, then close with a guided meditation. Let your movements become an expression of what you’re feeling and allow the cascade of endorphins to wash over the pain we are all experiencing during this soulful time. We’ll move and breathe as a collective, reminding each other that we are not alone. All are welcome, no yoga experience necessary.

Solstice was created in response to all of those times I needed desperately to be told it's okay to be me. It’s a practice where we give ourselves permission to move however our body wants to move, to feel whatever it is we’re feeling. Where movement is a meditation and a celebration of radical self-love. It's a safe space for people to show up exactly as they are,  be seen, and feel connected to their community. A space where you can be your authentic, weird, perfectly imperfect self and move your body in a way that feels good without worrying about how you look. A space where there is no judgement, only acceptance, love, support, breath and freedom.

Interested in becoming a SOLSTICE teacher and hosting a SOLSTICE celebration? Take our online training.


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