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This is Me: Unfiltered.

This is me. I’m 34 years old and I scrunch up my face when I’m really happy. I feel most confident when I’m wearing my leather jacket and yoga pants and I’m surrounded by people who see me for who I really am. I’m a cancer so I’m a big softie with a hard shell that I’ve been working on breaking down over the last few years. I’ve never successfully finished a cleanse but I have successfully finished a bottle of wine. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher but for years I thought it would be at a university instead of a yoga studio. I’ve always been a writer and started writing poetry when I was 14 but when I didn’t get into grad school for creative writing, I went back to the islands to keep searching for my purpose. I love fiercely and believe in standing up for what you believe in, even when your voice shakes and people don’t want to hear what you have to say. On road trips I trade off between Gabby Bernstein, Brené Brown and Howard Stern because I love to laugh as much as I love to be inspired.

I want to use these platforms to connect and inspire and empower you to share more of who you really are instead of who you think you should be.

Your idiosyncrasies are what make you beautiful. There is no one else on this planet quite like you and there never will be, so embrace everything about you that’s weird. I love weirdos and I bet what you think you should hide is what makes you shine bright.

Keep shining.



photo by henry wynd

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