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Rocket Yoga is a dynamic, playful practice created by Larry Schultz based on a modification of the traditional poses and variations from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.  He developed these sequences while touring as the yoga teacher for The Grateful Dead to invigorate and strengthen students while still staying accessible to everyone. If you've met Jaimis online or in person, you know she is a Rocket enthusiast with over 500 hours of training in the Rocket Yoga System. She introduced this style of yoga to Charlotte in 2015 and continues to grow and support the community throughout the Southeast.


You can find weekly classes with Jaimis in the Queen City, or deepen your personal practice with a Rocket Weekend Immersion. You do not need to be a yoga teacher or be able to do a handstand - seriously! This is where you come to learn. If you are new to inversions, Jaimis will give you tools to begin your practice. For seasoned flyers, we’ll work on drills and challenging transitions to discover new possibilities. If you are a teacher looking to reignite your fire, grow your practice, or learn how to teach and support students in advanced postures, join her for the upcoming 50 Hour Training in May.


Whenever you're practicing Rocket with Jaimis, you can always expect to work hard, laugh, have fun, step out of your comfort zone, and become part of the global Rocket Yoga community.

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