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Charlotte's First Rocket Yoga Immersion

Ahhhh...about this weekend.

I don’t really have the words, I just know the way my heart feels right now. So full it may burst. I’m inspired in a way I don’t know how to describe. It’s not always easy, practicing yoga. Teaching yoga. But this feeling I have right now, like something big is happening, much bigger than me. It’s what happens when we become a collective, a sangha, a community of friends practicing and doing the work together. We start vibrating higher and elevating everyone around us so we all rise up together.

It’s not about the handstands, it never has been. The handstands just make it fun. It’s about self-awareness, discipline and recognizing you are limitless. And once you figure this out, it’s about offering support and kindness to those around us until they understand their strength, too.

So much love and gratitude to everyone who joined us for Charlotte’s first Rocket Vinyasa Immersion this weekend. Thank you to Patrick McCleaf for sharing your teachings in such a loving, playful, accessible way.

Counting down the days until the next immersion in May.



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