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Creating the Life You Want to Live

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Last night, I spent four and a half hours sitting around a table with nine people who are determined to change the world. They inspire by living their truth and being authentically themselves. They are masters of their craft and take their roles as leaders and influencers in the community very seriously - but also, I'm pretty sure I haven’t laughed that hard (or yelled “CHEERS!”) that many times in one night in awhile.

I’ve been following Katie Dixon, the owner of Kādi Fit on social media for awhile now but we just met in real life a few months ago. I admired her through this little screen - watching her stories and reading her blog - she's not afraid to bring up the the tough conversations about jealousy, living your legacy and the struggles of self-love and showing up for yourself. I can’t tell you how many times I've read or heard something she said and thought to myself, “Now THIS is my kinda girl.” I was even told several times by friends in the community that we needed to meet (props to Duncan Littlefield, you were definitely on to something).

Two and a half months ago, Katie and I serendipitously met at 7th Street Market after I finished my big photoshoot for lululemon in First Ward Park. Social media is strange and incredible all at the same time because I felt like I knew her. Her Instagram pep talks have inspired me countless times, I knew about her badass gym and her daily struggles and also what she ate for breakfast – yet we’d never met.

Of course, I ran up to her like a superfan and introduced myself (I think it went something like, “My name is Jaimis and I follow you online and I think you’re amazing and I think we should be friends”), I accosted everyone she was with by hugging them and instantly felt connection. I went to her free Kādi in the Park workout a few days later, ended up as a guest teacher for the workout a few weeks later, and now 2.5 months later, here I am: sitting at a table with her and eight other amazing humans, eating pizza, sipping on red wine, laughing and talking about how we can elevate our fitness community here in Charlotte.

My first thought: Wow, life is crazy. I can’t believe everything fell into place like this.

My second thought: Wait, did everything just “fall into place?” Or did I create this through all of my hard work over the last year? Maybe I didn’t just end up here, maybe I put myself here by setting goals and intentions and deciding that I want to be around the change agents, the masters of their craft, the people who care so deeply and work hard to grow and become the best version of their highest Self every. single. day.

I’ve decided I’m going with Thought #2.

I know it may not always feel like it, but we have the ability to create the life we want. We consciously, or unconsciously filter what and who we let into our lives. The vibration you are putting out into the universe – or the vibe you give off to people when you’re around them – will attract a similar vibration. If you’re kind to yourself, you’ll attract kind people. If you believe in yourself, you’ll attract people who believe in you, too. If you have a true desire to elevate everyone around you, they will feel this, deep down – and they’ll elevate you.

Which brings me back to the dinner last night. After we sat down, we were asked to flip over our place cards and I found three words carefully chosen to describe me.

That’s the thing about being around inspirational powerhouses: they act as a mirror. They hold it up for you so you can see yourself as you truly are.

Because we all forget sometimes.

I am free spirit, but sometimes I feel stuck.

I am powerful, but it’s taken me a long time to embrace my own power and sometimes I’m convinced I should keep quiet and tone it down.

As for the last word – you’ll just have to wait until 2018 to find out.

Edmund Lee said it best:

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself."

Find your mirrors so when you forget who you are, they're there to remind you.

To all of my mirrors out there:

Thank you.

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