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Stay in the Flow

Everything in life is a cycle, therefore we always have an opportunity to begin again. The moon will shine brighter than ever tonight, and then eventually she will rest in complete darkness. The tides run high, then they sink low. The end of an exhale feels empty, but then comes the chance to feel the fullness of the inhale.

Life is like this. Seasons change. The sun must set so it can rise again. We fall, we get back up and climb higher, gaining strength and ever-evolving. This is called flow. It's the vinyasa, the cycle of life. We need the yin to balance the yang, softness with strength, darkness with the light. Through movement we find stillness. By understanding sadness we find joy, by facing our fears we become fearless. Without the sun, we wouldn't have the moon, without the moon, who will move the ocean tides?.

Embrace the darkness, the sun will always rise. And sometimes the most challenging work is staying in the flow and accepting whatever comes and allowing it to move freely without holding on. Everything is a Vinyasa, a cycle. Stay in the flow.

Photo by Courtney Linnehan for lululemon Athletica Charlotte

Photo by Courtney Linnehan for lululemon Athletica

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